Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Brand Spanking New Start!

Happy Days!!

Well for all of you who still occasionally visit my blog, you will have noticed that the last eight years or so of my life have completely disappeared. That's right! I pressed the delete button (on purpose) and subsequently wiped out almost a decade of my life.

I did this for various reasons... 1) My posting became very sporadic due to work commitments, and I know that this is very frustrating for regular readers. By starting afresh I hope to give myself the well-needed kick up the backside and get back into regular posting. 2) I have changed. Yes. Now before you start thinking I'm going to launch into a spiel about how I have "found myself" or something along those lines, I'll tell you it's much more simple than that. My previous blog was, for the most part, a day to day diary of my student life at university. At the time it satisfied me to post about these things, and I had a LOT of free time to do so, but my life has moved on and my parents now no longer need to check my blog to see what I've been getting up to at the weekends in uni. I have new interests now, and I have better things to moan about than approaching essay deadlines. Don't get me wrong, university was fun, but looking back at my rather random posts I realised that if even I was bored reading them then it was likely that my readers were stifling yawns as they read also. 3) Thirdly, most of my university shenanigans are better forgotten. Leave them in the past where they belong, and leave no written trail :-)

It was strangely theraputic to press that "delete all posts" button. I did it with nervousness, trepidation and a shaking finger. But I did it. So what's in store for the new blog? I have become dangerously obsessed with makeup (well dangerous for my bank balance anyway!). So expect a lot of hauls and reviews in the coming months. Also beauty related, my Sister-in-Law (a qualified nurse) has just done extra training to be able to do non-invasive cosmetic surgery. This includes procedures such as botox and dermafillers, chemical peels and microdermabrasions to name but a few. I couldn't wait to have some 'work' done, so I'll be letting you know what  had done, how much it cost and what the results were like. The other hobby I would like to share with my readers is my love of card-making. I don't get as much time to create my cards as I would like, but when I do I will post pictures along with the tools/materials used plus the method. Another LOVE of mine is shopping. Yes, I shop too much. No I probably cannot afford the amount I buy hence the reason for half of it ending up on Ebay (another obsession!). Therefore I am sure there will be shopping blogs aplenty here. Finally... I like lists. I think it's called OCD. I write lists for absolutely everything, some are very useful, some are downright silly (even though I realise this, I still write them anyway). So it is my guess that half of my lists will end up published on here for the world to see - and laugh at me for it, but I don't care. Oh and finally, finally... There may be occasional soppy blogs where I gush about the love of my life Rohit Thapa. I will warn you in advance when these are approaching so you can get the sick buckets ready. (But he really is amazing!).

Well, I think that's long enough for a first post. My reintegration into the Blogosphere. Take care for now, until next time. Feel free to comment if there is anything that has caught your attention here and you would like me to blog about it. Saying that, I've got a funny feeling all my regular readers have abandoned me - I don't blame them!

Ciao for now ;-)

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