Monday, 27 February 2012

Chemical Peel at Cyfoes Healthcare Ltd Skincare Specialists

Cyfoes Healthcare Ltd

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Anyways, this blog is about my amazing experience with Cyfoes Healthcare Ltd. I would like to add here that I am not paid by Cyfoes Healthcare to review their products and I paid for all my own treatments. I wanted to have some sort of facial treatment as I am obsessed with beauty and trying to stay young(ish) looking. I am too young for botox or anything along those lines, so I decided, after a consultation with the expert, to have a chemical peel.


I arrived at the premises and was given a warm and friendly welcome. The treatment started with a facial cleansing procedure. It feels like a face massage with some sort of liquid and it is then wiped off. Next comes the chemicals. For the whole treatment I had sticky things over my eyes, which feels a bit weird because you can't open your eyes, but it was ok. The chemical is painted on for a first layer, and dried with a fan, it feels tingly and lovely at this point. There is then a second and third layer of chemicals painted on, also dried with the fan. After this, a few layers of gauze (well it felt like gauze but I couldn't really be sure because my eyes were sort of sellotaped shut haha) were applied to my face. This is when the chemicals start to react and it heats up. It is not an unpleasant feeling, in fact I quite liked the slight burning sensation, it made me feel like it was actually doing some good. Throughout the 20 mins for which I had to keep the gauze on, the specialist (named Andrea) kept applying water to my face to stop the gauze drying out.

Following this, the gauze was taken off and the remainder of the chemicals were wiped away. Next came another really relaxing facial massage with a Vitamin C cream/gel, and finally an application of a moisturiser. I can honestly say it was the most relaxing thing I had ever experienced. Such a lovely calming atmosphere too. If I couldn't feel a few layers of my skin being melted off then I think I might have fallen asleep.

So... The aftercare? Immediately following the procedure my face felt really tight. It was a little red and blotchy which lasted the rest of the day but was gone by the following morning. But oh my days my face felt soft! I couldn't stop feeling my cheeks all day long. They didn't feel like my own cheeks! I was told to apply an SPF25 moisturiser every day (which I have stuck to religiously). A couple of days later I started to peel. It was a bit like peeling off sunburn. It didn't hurt at all and the peeling only lasted 2-3 days. I came out in a couple of spots on my cheek but I had previously read that this was normal as the peel draws all of the toxins out of your skin.

It has now been just over a week since I had my treatment. My face still feels softer than it was before but not as soft as that first day. Even though I didn't have any wrinkles, my face does look a bit different somehow, like in better condition, sort of glowing. I have booked a further 2 peels with about 2 months apart between each. Can't wait for the next one.
The downside? I honestly didn't have any bad experiences. I have read horror stories of chemical peels but I can only go by my own experience which was an extremely relaxing facial massage with what I feel have been very positive outcomes.

The price: I got my peels for £30 each and I booked a course of three peels which came to £90. The peels are normally a bit more expensive than this but I booked them whilst they were on offer for a limited time. Score! :-D The webiste has been under construction lately and I remember asking if the products (such as the vitamin C gel) would be sold by them if we wanted to purchase them separately. Andrea, the specialist, said that all of the products used (apart from the chemicals) would be avaliable to buy on the website soon. Happy days!! I think I have remembered to cover everything here. If there is anything else you would like to know about my experience of a chemical peel, leave a comment below.

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Hwyl Fawr!


  1. Well, 90 pounds is not much for a chemical peel package. Perhaps you can also share images before and after the procedure for the readers to see how powerful the chemical peel is. So far you haven’t experienced any side effects, right?

  2. Hi Katie thanks for your comment. Yes it would be a good idea to post before and after pictures! I will do it on my next peel :-) No side effects experienced whatsoever!