Thursday, 19 April 2012

2nd Chemical Peel and very 1st Microdermabrasion!

Yesterday I underwent my second chemical peel and first microdermabrasion procedure at Cyfoes Healthcare. If you would like to visit their website, please click HERE. They've also updated their website since I last posted about my peels so go check it out. I won't explain the chemical peel in detail as I have already done a review previously on my blog. If you would like to read this post first, please click HERE. 

The only difference with the second peel was that the strength was increased slightly. First time around I had two vitamin C's and one 24. This time around I had one vitamin C and two 24's. Now I'm not entirely sure what those numbers mean but I know that yesterdays was stronger than the first. Logic would tell me that next time I go, I will have three 24's??? My face was more red straight after the peel yesterday than it was the first time but the redness went away in about 10 minutes.

Now, onto the diamond microdermabrasion! I'm not going to lie... It hurt haha. But not in a horribly painful way. Instead I would describe it as a this-is-really-hurting-so-it's-got-to-be-doing-some-good kinda pain. Maybe I just quite like the feeling of pain. It felt a bit similar to rubbing sandpaper on your face but the diamond tips on the tool Andrea was using are obviously way better for your face than sandpaper haha.

Since I'm not very good at describing medical cosmetic procedures I am plagiarising a small section from the website thus probably breaking every copyright law in the book, but hey, free advertising remember... Don't sue me Cyfoes or I won't be able to afford any more treatments. Nooooo.

At Cyfoes Healthcare we use a diamond microdermabrasion system which provides a non-surgical skin resurfacing procedure. Through the use of sterile diamond heads the top layer of skin is rubbed away, then all the dead skin cells, dirt and other particles are vacuumed up. This leaves the living skin cells exposed which are smooth, soft and receptive to nutrients. The vacuuming also stimulates the epidermis, promoting the generation of new collagen and increases blood flow. To get optimum results from this treatment it is advised that you have a series of treatments, typically 4-8 treatments spaced 10-14 days apart, with significant results seen within 5-6 weeks.

Conditions improved with Microdermabrasion:
•Open pores
•Sun damage
•Uneven pigmentation
•Superficial blemishes
•Age spots
•Fine lines and wrinkles
•Small scars

Once again the experience at Cyfoes was second to none. The specialist is very friendly and the clinic is a clean, modern and very peaceful environment. Not only did I emerge from there with rejuvenated skin cells, I also felt extremely relaxed. Thank you so much Cyfoes. I will be visiting again in the near future for certain.

Disclaimer: I am not paid by Cyfoes to write this review or endorse their products and I paid for my treatments with my own money. When you genuinely feel like you've discovered a miracle, it's hard to not rant and rave about it. Try it and you will see for yourselves.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hello Kitty Eyeshadow Palette by Liberty London

If you couldn't already guess from my previous posts. I am a little bit (read: hugely) obsessed with Hello Kitty (and cupcakes). I am also a huge lover of makeup so I was ecstatic when I came across this eyeshadow palette for sale on Ebay.

The eight colours do not have individual names but as you can see they all have a shimmer to them. Seven of the colours are quite neutral tones, with one bright blue to add a splash of colour to the palette. The colour payoff is really good and they are quite pigmented. The little compact has a mirror with a cute hello kitty image on the lower right hand corner and it also comes with a little brush (which I probably won't use).

This is the front of the palette. It's absolutely beautiful. So cute! If you click HERE you will be redirected to the Liberty London website where you can see more details about this product. Unfortunately the product is currently out of stock but as I said I picked it up for a couple of pounds on Ebay (RRP £8) so you never know you might be lucky like me :-)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What's the Difference Between a BB Cream and a Tinted Moisturiser???

If you are looking for the answer to this question then you might as well not read any further. This is a question I am posing to anyone who reads this as I genuinely do not know the answer. A while ago I posted here about the BB cream that Garnier were giving away free samples of if you liked their facebook page. Mine arrived in the post a few weeks ago and I was so excited to try them out!

The little package contained 3 sachets of the 'wonder cream' and I've so far used one sachet. Based on first impressions I do not think I will be buying the full sized product but there is still 2 sachets left, after which I could possibly change my mind (but I doubt it).

I watch a whole load of makeup gurus on youtube and they all rave about how miraculous BB creams are for achieving a flawless finish. I had my doubts long before I tried this one. My suspicions were somewhat verified when I watched a video by 'gossmakeupartist' in which he talks about BB creams as being little more than glorified tinted moisturiers. You can watch the video by clicking HERE.

In the description box of the video mentioned above, he says:

"A moisturiser? A primer? A foundation? A concealer? A sunblock? Covers acne? Yes, thats what BB creams can do... apparently. BB Cream really is trying to be everything to everyone and if its not careful will be nothing to no one. In truth a BB cream is nothing more than a tinted moisturiser. Suddenly not so exciting is it!"

He does make a disclaimer that in the video he is specifically talking about Western BB creams and not the Asian BB creams that became so popular in the beauty circle a while back. I have not tried any of the Asian ones. Is there a difference?

Judging also by the fact that I have only seen two shades of BB cream - Light/Medium and Medium/Dark, I would say that in this respect it falls short of a tinted moisturiser, which comes in many different shades.

I would love to know your thoughts!! Please voice your opinions in the comment box.

Au revoir!

Monday, 16 April 2012

H&M Nail Polish Haul

Hi peeps :-)

I took a trip to the big city last week and amongst my many purchases were these three gorgeous nail polishes from H&M. Seriously, they do such an awesome colour range that I had a hard time trying to pick which ones to have. I wanted them all! I chose my favourite three but there was sooooo many more that I liked and wanted. Hopefully I will add to my collection soon. These polishes were £2.99 each - Bargain!

The green and the blue are quite true to colour but the middle one is actually a hot pink and not the coral colour it seems in these photographs. I really have to invest in a new camera which can capture true colour.

The colour above is the one I have on my nails at the moment. It's a very bright pink and so beautiful for the summer months. The name of this colour is 'Check Me Out'.

The above sky blue colour is also very bright and this one's name is 'Blue My Mind'.

This polish is an absolutely stunning green. With one coat, the colour payoff was not as good as the other two, but with two coats it looks exactly like it does in the bottle. The name of this one is 'Polish Me Happy'.

Here's a close-up of the names on the bottles. Not in the best focus but hopefully you can make them out.

I ordered one of these nail colour swatch wheels from Ebay so I was eager to put my first three colours on them. I decided I would only put my new nail polish colours on there instead of some of the older ones I've had for a couple of years. Hope you like!!