Sunday, 4 March 2012

Avon Goodies and Aldi Skincare Haul

Among my many other obsessions, I have a slight addiction to ordering out of the Avon catalogue. I thought I would share with you what I have most recently purchased from Avon. This is a haul rather than reviews of the products because I have not tried out all of the products yet. The second part of this blog is an Aldi Skincare haul, but I will say more about that later.

The first Avon product is a cute Hello Kitty Cupcake holdall bag.

This yellow polka dot Hello Kitty Cupcake bag was on special offer for £15. I recently posted on my facebook status about being over my Hello Kitty obsession now, and that the way forward for me was cupcakes. So you can imagine my delight when I saw the two combined in Avon! There was no doubt about it, I had to have this bag! I'm sort of glad that I had it on sale price and not full price though or I think I would have been a little disappointed. The quality is not brilliant, the plastic is quite thin... But it looks good so I'm still happy I got it.

This Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact Lipstick was also on offer for £5. I'm sorry I couldn't open the packaging to do a swatch as it is one of my mam's gifts for Mother's Day. The colour is Pink Pop and I took a colour sample picture from the Avon website. See below:
The final two items of my Avon haul are both foundations from the 24K Gold Radiant collection. The write-up says "luxurious foundation enriched with real gold to help give skin a natural luminosity." It's suitable for sensitive skin but only has SPF12 which is lower than my current foundations I am using. Again these were on offer. They are supposed to be £14 each but I bought the two of them for £10, so only £5 each. I thought that was a great buy and so I hope I like them. So far I've only swatched them on my hand so I will do a review when I've used them a bit more.

The bottle on the left is shade Nude and the bottle on the right is shade Creamy Natural. The Nude looks very light here but it's not in reality. I bought two different shades as I hadn't purchased this particular foundation before so I wasn't really sure of the colouring, plus I tend to change colour over the seasons anyway. I've swatched both just on my hand and they both seem to work for me. I'm excited to use them to see the coverage they give.

The next few haul items were purchased on a bit of a whim after reading some reviews so I hope they live up to their reputation. I came across some reviews for an Aldi anti-ageing cream whilst looking on the internet one day last week. According to various sites, research had shown that the ingredients in the Aldi's products were exactly the same as much higher end products that cost a whole lot more! In a blind survey Aldi came out with the best results based out outcomes after using the products, and beat much more expensive creams. You can find these reviews if you Google "Aldi face cream" or something like that. Hence a quick trip to Aldi the very next day to purchase 5 of the products from their skincare range.

Here are all 5 products. Check back to read the reviews after I've had a chance to use them all :) Below are some close up pictures and a description and the price for each product.

 Lacura Aqua-Complete Multi-Intensive Serum: £3.49
 Lacura Wrinkle Filler with Collagen: £3.49
 Lacura Revitalising Double Lift Facial Cream: £4.99
 Lacura Moisturising Eye Cream: £1.49
Lacura Wrinkle Stop: £4.99 
I'm excited to try these products. It's certainly going to save me a lot of money in the long run if they really are as good as higher end products. Ok, so I haven't got any wrinkles yet, but my motto has always been "prevention is better than cure", so I'm going to give these a go and let you know how I get on in a later post.

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