Wednesday, 7 March 2012

MUA Eyeshadow Haul - Makeup Academy from Superdrug £1 per item!

Here is my collection of MUA (Makeup Academy) eyeshadows from Superdrug. These were all purchased within the last two months. Most of the MUA range costs £1 per item. Yes. ONE POUND!! I first saw reviews for these eyeshadows on youtube whilst watching some of my favourite makeup gurus. In keeping with the traditional behaviour of a shopaholic and beauty addict I went out the very next morning and purchased some of these items. The colours in the picture are as close to real life as I could get them with my camera. I vow to buy a new camera as soon as I get a payment from Google for my ads (which will probably be in about 15 years time haha).

The shades of these products are not named but they all have a number. You can choose from Matte or Pearl (which is a shimmer). I chose all pearl as I'm a big fan of shimmery products. The colour range is beautiful and there are some gorgeous deep blues and purples and bright turquoise and greens. I will get them eventually but for now I only purchased the more neutral colours as I am likely to use these most.

Top Middle: Shade 24 Pearl - Mid brown with a hint of pink undertones.
Top Left: Shade 3 Pearl - Gunmetal grey colour. It's darker than in the picture.
Middle Left: Shade 12 Pearl - Dark brown with gorgeous green shimmer when the light hits it.
Bottom Left: Shade 2 Pearl - Ivory, beautful shimmery colour for a highlight.
Top Right: Shade 14 Pearl - Very dark green, almost looks black.
Middle Right: Shade 7 Pearl - Mid green, stunning shimmer.
Bottom Right: Shade 1 Pearl - Light beige with a subtle gold shimmer. Also great for a highlight colour.

The pigmentation and colour payoff is absolutely amazing. I've swatched them on my hand but I can't wait to try them on my lids. The dark brown with green shimmer (shade 12) has been described as a dupe for Club by MAC. I don't own MAC Club but I googled it and yes, sure enough, there's the brown with green shimmer exactly like I have right infront of me now. Oh and did I mention that I paid a single POUND for mine haha. Go get them!!

I have more products from the MUA range but I wanted to keep the eyeshadows seperate. Another haul will follow so you can see the other items.

Arrivederci :-)

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