Thursday, 8 March 2012

Rebecca Needs...

This is another post that I was sorry to lose from my old blog, so I thought I would repost it here. By the way, the picture above was taken from a website called Bubbles and Butterflies. It contains some lovely name wall hangings. I really like the Rebecca one, I might just see if it is still available to buy. If you want to check out the site you can click here. I didn't ask for permission to use the picture, but I'm sure if I am directing people to the site then I don't think they would have a problem with it. Hope not anyway!

Anyway, this post comes from a tag I was tagged to do quite a few years back. The requirements were to put your name into Google followed by the word 'needs' and then post the top ten results. It was a bit of fun and my name came up with some really silly sentences, as can be seen below.

1) Rebecca needs... to take her contacts out. (Yes, that would be exactly right!)
2) Rebecca needs... a UK address and phone number. (Umm, pretty sure I have both of those already).
3) Rebecca needs... her Icelandic student visa! (Really? When did I get accepted to study there?)
4) Rebecca needs... to speak to her neighbour. (Yes, her wall ivy that's now covering my windows is getting rather annoying).
5) Rebecca needs... friends. (HAHA! I'm such a difficult person to get along with you see).
6) Rebecca needs... anger management. (Yes, probably true also).
7) Rebecca needs... help!!! (Agreed. Psychological more than anything else I think).
8) Rebecca needs... Facebook. (Like a fish needs water!)
9) Rebecca needs... a walking stick. (Nooo that's called a swagger not a limp...)
10) Rebecca needs... to go to bed. (Absolutely! Couldn't agree more!)

Nighty night, sleep tight!

:-) x

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