Friday, 16 March 2012

Today is my BIRTHDAY!!

What better excuse is there to post cupcake pictures than my birthday??? They look so cute and yummy too! I had some cupakes given to me for my birthday at work, as well as numerous cupcake cards. I'm wondering now "Do I REALLY go on about cupcakes so much that everyone knows I love them and chooses their birthday purchases accordingly?" Oh well, I'm not complaining, the more cupcakes the merrier!!

Stay tuned for a birthday haul coming up in the next couple of days. It will contain lots of cupcake and hello kitty goodies :-D

Tonight I am going out for a meal to an Indian restaurant with the love of my life. I'm lucky this year as my birthday has fallen on a Friday. Tomorrow the celebrations start all over again woop woop! I'll be going to the cinema and to a different Asian restaurant for another meal tomorrow. I LOVE food, and Asian food has to be the best food in the world! I think I will take pictures of my meals and share with you what I had to eat. Well... Not literally 'share' but you know what I mean ;-)

Well since it's about an hour and a half until I go out, I think I'd better start getting ready!!!


  1. I love this writer and Iam starting to fall in love with this writer.Do You have facebook account if you do please add me Bruce Mcaliister. Your blogs are very nice and touching.I am really falling love with you reading this blog. I would love to meet with you some day is that possible.

    You are doing great job keep it up!!!

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  2. Aw thanks for the sweet comment. It's good to know that someone actually does read this stuff haha :-)

    If people keep reading, I'll keep posting!

    Take care!

  3. Well wonder is this a blog site or a dating site bruce mcallister!!!!!!haha anyways good blog

    Warm Regards from Yi Han Liu (JAPAN)

  4. Thank you for your comment Yi Han Liu :-) Keep reading! <3